Shoesmith Subdivision



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Client - Hutchinson Builders

Shoesmith Drive Subdivision

Contract Value: Under $500k

Contract Duration: 4.5 Months

Project Description:

The Shoesmith Project had a tight schedule for earthworks completion to allow plumbing works to begin. HTQ implemented the latest in scraper technology by using a 623 with inbuilt GPS and loading system to efficiently cut to fill areas to Level 1 compaction and grade.
Embankment fill of allotments and cutting of stormwater drain was completed to Level 1. This was completed in a short timeframe to ensure it was rehabilitated for upcoming storm season to reduce environment impacts including dirty water run off and sediment control.
Bulk Earthworks completed included:
• Stripping of topsoil to a minimum 100mm depth, stockpile and respread on a
footpath areas as directed 3600m3
• Earthworks to roads including compaction, density testing & final trim of subgrade
• Moisture modification, compaction and final trim of subgrade including testing
• Base course gravel (MR SUBTYPE2.1 CBR 80) 125mm compacted thickness as
per drawings and specification 1,255m3
• Sub-Base gravel (MR Subtype 2.5 CBR 15) 100mm compacted thickness as per
drawings and specification 1,327m3
• Stormwater drain
• Subsoil drainage including connections
• Stormwater management
• Filling of lots to level 1 standard
• Clearing and grubbing to full width of roads reserve and park, including removal and
disposal of any trees and stumps, rocks, concrete slabs, removal of chain fence
and any other rubbish from the site as directed (no burning Permitted) 80,000m2
• Turf longitudinal and transverse strips to:
o footpath and back of kerb
o outlet channels
o between back of kerb and overflow sections from silt fences o all as detailed on the plans 8000m2
• Pipe spoil removal from pipe layers stock piles to directed stockpile area within site 2000m3
manner to meet client requirements.
onsite was closely coordinated with HTQ to ensure lots were finalised in a timely