Sanctuary Rise



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Client: Hutchinson Builders

Sanctuary Rise Subdivision Stage 3

Contract Value: $300,000.00

Contract Duration: 6 Months

Project Description: 

The Sanctuary Rise project was challenging due to excessive amounts of rock, which had to be processed and utilised onsite. HTQ organised and managed the crushing operations to run in conjunction with the onsite material requirements. Crushing of over 16,000T of onsite material was undertaken to minus 75mm to meet fill specifications.
Working closing with the plumbing and drainage crew, we were able to coordinate the lane closure of Barlow Street to upgrade stormwater, kerb and channel with minimal interruption to the local community.
Bulk Earthworks completed included:
• Cut to fill 7000m3
• Topsoil stripping 1000m3
• Clearing and grubbing 40,000m2
• Base material gravel – Compacted depth as specified, including final trim. Subbase
material gravel – Compacted depth as specified (includes gravel under kerb and channel). Lower Subbase material gravel – Compacted depth as specified (includes gravel under kerb and channel) total of 4,000T of road base
• Trimmed to within 10mm for pavements to meet council specification
• Pavement laid to council specification
• 400m of under kerb subsoil drainage including connections
• Stormwater management
• Lots trimmed to +-50mm
• Level 1 compaction of housing lots including testing
• Preparation of subgrade, compact and trim subgrade at level 6,050 m2
• Removal of 4,000T of unsuitable material offsite utilising onsite traffic management
A challenging aspect of the project was the building of a detention basin in existing parklands close to existing properties where non-vibrating compaction had to be used to Level 1 specification – mixing of material had to occur offsite and was imported into the embankment at the required time. Parklands were rehabilitated back to their natural state including gardens and turf.