Key People



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Clint Kenny - HTQ Director

Clint has an extensive background in earthmoving and a wealth of practical knowledge in civil construction. Growing up in the coalfields of Central Queensland before moving to the agricultural Darling Downs, Clint has been operating machinery all of his life. He has spent significant time in the oil & gas fields and worked extensively as an operator and supervisor throughout the majority of the northern part of Australia. His passion for machinery and the earthmoving industry is evident every minute of the day always keeping up to day with technology, machinery maintenance and “ what’s next”.


Clint is always seeking improvements whether they be upgraded machinery, GPS guidance systems or training operators. His relationship with clients, other contractors and staff continues to be one of Clint’s greatest assets which always makes getting the job done efficiently so much easier. In short, Clint is an earthmoving man HE LOVES IT. always learning and striving to improve himself, HTQ and satisfy our increasing client base.

Reuben Dolphin - HTQ Director

Reuben has an extremely diverse skill set, initially as a boilermaker with extensive site experience most particularly working in the oil & gas sectors. With qualifications in both fabrication and mechanic trades, Reuben understands maintenance and the importance of keeping machinery moving. Together with Clint, he has a passion for earthmoving and he himself is proficient in operating a wide range of earthmoving machinery including heavy haulage trucks. Growing business, creating employment and following through are abilities Reuben has in spades. With the assistance of his sister company, DMW Industries, machine maintenance and immediate repairs is looked after to ensure scheduled maintenance and minimal plant & machinery downtime.


Reuben is a masterly resourceful person and his greatest skill is making things happen. He sees requirements and opportunities then fills the gaps ensuring “nothing is too hard” – always 100% focused on delivering unsurpassed quality and service to clients creating ongoing relationships. Along with Clint, Reuben has a desire to continue and grow the HTQ reputation as the “go to” civil & earthmoving solutions company.